Edda Accommodation, in collaboration with “Edda Adventures” is proud to announce a brand new travelling experience. For the first time in history it is now possible to witness up close the giants of the North Sea, seen from our very own “floatel” MV Edda Fides.

Edda Adventures offers unique experiences, where people get invited to book a trip with one of the worlds most advanced and sophisticated offshore vessels, Edda Fides. The vessel will give the passengers an authentic offshore experience and an inside view of the Norwegian maritime history. You will witness firsthand, the massive oil rigs, that gave the Norwegian oil and gas industry such a unique success story. Thanks to pioneers who dared, the Norwegians can boast the worlds most advanced welfare system.

The RIG-spotting adventure allows you to travel with the floatel Edda Fides, which in itself is a unique experience. Never before have civilian passengers been given the opportunity to live onboboard such a vessel and to get firsthand experience of how offshore workers live and work.

Edda Accommodation provides floating hotels, dubbed floatels. Edda Fides operates today within different projects all over the world, and accommodates offshore workers during the project period. Between different assignments, Edda Fides operates in international waters, usually without passengers. The idea behind Edda Adventures is to use the facilities onboard the vessel to make the oil industry more open to a broader audience in periods when the vessel is available. We want to offer passenger-friendly experiences, invite curious people onboard and give our guests a unique inside view to the most exciting chapters in Norwegian maritime- and offshore history.


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Østensjø Rederi. FOTO: HAAKON NORDVIKBZ2B2689BZ2B2522