Edda Fides – The largest single hulled vessel, specially designed as a floatel servicing the oil- og gasindustry

Edda Fides is one of a kind, internationally. The ship is renowned for its excellent performances, capable of handling the most demanding of weatherconditions. The ship measures 130 meter from bow to stern and was built in 2011 at the Asterillos Barreras yard, in Spain. The design was constructed to cross the roughest seas on the planet, but perhaps even more important, to keep a stable position under stormy weather. The result of advanced technology and engineering, has turned the ambitions of Edda Fides into success! From the Mexican Gulf to Australia, from the North Sea to the Bering Sea – Edda Fides has transported and accommodated its crew and service personnel, almost completely uninterrupted.

Onboard Edda Fides, passengers will experience oceans, history, oil rigs and offshore installations, that previously were reserved exclusively for trained mariners and offshore workers.

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