RIG Spotting in the North Sea and the Norwegian Sea

RIG Spotting in the North Sea and Norwegian Sea was a success!

Edda Adventures RIG Spotting in 2016 was the world’s first organized travelling-experience where people got to see and learn about the Norwegian oil adventure. The Vessel had access right up to the safety zone of 500 meters and storytellers held interesting lectures.

In addition to the RIG Spotting adventures, Edda Fides have had different assignments. Edda Fides served as a floating production base with an American film crew during a movie project in Trollfjorden, Norway. Edda Fides also served as a Hotel in Bodø during the Arctic Race.

In 2016 Edda Fides travelled with approximately 120 passengers from Haugesund and Stavanger in the south, all the way up to Molde and Svolvær in the north. During their stay, the passengers got to see some of the most significant oil and gas installations on the Norwegian continental shelf. The journey was divided into two (one day stop-over in Molde) and  some passengers joined both of them.


RIG Spotting in the North Sea: (Haugesund – Molde) Edvard Grieg, Johan Sverdrup, Balder, Ringhorn, Oseberg: Sør og senter, Troll A, Troll C, Gjøa A,

RIG Spotting in the Norwegian Sea: (Molde – Svolvær), Nyhamna, Draugen, Kristin, Åsgard, Heidrun, Skarv and Norne.


“This was a great trip, fascinating program and a great experience” Jens Bakke, Passenger


“This is an exciting project and a voyage that I would recommend to others!”  Liv Ferkingstad, Passenger


“ A fantastic experience that exceeds the Trans Siberian railway, the Chinese Wall, mountains in Nepal….” Ann Helen Hystad, Passenger


According to the company, the feedback they have received from both their guests and crew has been all positive. Edda Fides is a ship that is well suited for this type of projects, as it possesses the necessary facilities for such adventures.

We are now looking at the possibility to arrange new adventures in 2017. Keep your self updated trough our newsletter and visit facebook and webpage for more information. Please contact us if you have any questions. In the meantime you can read more about the RIG Spotting and activities from 2016 below.